Print-It Plus in West Palm Beach – a new take on a 25-year tradition

This post is the first in a new blog created by Print-It Plus.  Print-It Plus is a local print shop in the West Palm Beach area of south Florida that specializes in helping our clients get the most out of your promotional product, marketing and advertising efforts.


We love to work with you to customize your marketing campaigns and collateral.  We specialize in many forms of print advertising including direct mail, digital printing, offset printing, full color printing, business stationery, forms, memos, menus, brochures, logos, large print and signs and mailing services.  We also offer website design and maintenance, email marketing programs and other types of e-marketing solutions.


We believe that it is our 25 years of experience right here in West Palm Beach combined with our philosophy that we are a solutions provider and here to truly help your business grow through offering meaningful marketing solutions tailored to your business that makes us different.  You can trust that we bring all of that knowledge and desire to bear to make your project the most successful it can be.


Lastly, we are a big believer in buying from a local vendor like ourselves.  When you spend $1.00 at a locally owned business, 70 cents of it stays in our local community… But when you spend $1.00 with an online firm that is not even located here in the United States, ALL of that dollar leaves our community and does not come back.


For some free marketing advice and more information about our company, sign up to receive our newsletter from our website,



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