The Many Benefits of a Direct Mail Campaign

One of the questions we get on a consistent basis from our clients here at Print It Plus in the West Palm Beach area, is in regards to the success of direct mail campaigns in our area in 2014. With the continuing growth of commerce on the internet, combined with the well-documented struggles of the United States Postal Service it seems to some as if any type of marketing campaign attached to old-style mailing is almost surely doomed to failure. This is just not the truth. Back in April we posted a blog relaying the “Top 5 Secrets of Successful Direct Mailers”. Today’s blog relates to the numerous benefits that a direct mail marketing campaign can have for your business.

In reality, direct mail campaigns still offer an opportunity for significant branding and sales success. The key is to do your campaigns right, from the planning stage right through the client service after the mailers have all arrived at their destinations. The following comprehensive list of 11 benefits comes from our 25 years of experiences at Print It Plus combined with reading through numerous articles on the subject, including the following:

The first benefit is the percentage of potential clients who will actually see your campaign. Where email campaigns are deleted immediately or never even looked at by over 90 percent (and in some cases 98 percent) of their recipients, people still head to their mailboxes daily. In fact, according to the United States Postal Service, 98 percent of people retrieve their mail daily, and 77 percent of people sort it immediately. This gives companies like yours access to an audience who could potentially seek out your business right away. The same people who probably do not read emails coming from unknown sources may look at your mailer.

Here are some other benefits you can capitalize on with a well-planned strategy:

  1. Targeted. You can target the mailing to whomever you want. Either through your own gathering of addresses, or the numerous mailing list companies out there, you will be amazed at just how focused a list you can put together today.
  2. Personalized. You can personalize each direct mail piece so that your recipient feels as if you are talking directly to them.
  3. Familiarity. Your recipients have been receiving mail pieces in their mailbox for over 100 years.
  4. Tangible. The mail piece is delivered directly to your intended targets in real form. A well put together piece with a strong call to action will have more pull than an email.
  5. Versatile. You can create direct mail pieces in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and even textures.
  6. Metrics. It is easy to measure the results of your direct mail campaign. All you have to do is put a unique offer or call to action on the piece and have responders mention it. Very simple.
  7. Execution. From planning to creation to the actual mailing, direct mail is a very easy marketing plan to implement. And if it is successful, it is also easily repeatable.
  8. Plays well with other campaigns. Direct mail can be used to support or work hand-in-hand with other marketing efforts you are putting forth, including website, social media, promotional products or events, or many other forms of branding your company to your potential clients.
  9. Cheap. A focused campaign can be relatively cheap when compared to other forms of advertising and marketing, particularly magazine, newspaper, radio or television ads.
  10. A long-standing, proven track record. Direct Mail campaigns have a proven track record of success going back to when they were first used, right up through present day campaigns. Few if any other marketing efforts have such a proven record over so many years and so many industries.

In our experience at Print It Plus, direct mail has been proven to be one of the most productively personal ways to reach potential and existing clients. A cohesive, focused campaign with a strong call to action encourages businesses to build a relationship with their clients. Further, there is measurable feedback on direct mailing campaigns because businesses can directly count how many responses they see to their advertisements and calls to action, if done correctly.

If you need help putting together a professional and productive direct mail campaign, contact us. At Print It Plus, we love to help all of our clients CREATE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.

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