Color Copying – It is still an Integral Part to Your Next Profitable Advertising Campaign


Q: Is there still a place for more traditional types of advertising, such as direct mail, flyers and brochures?
A: Surprisingly, is yes – but comes with an important disclaimer. For now, more than ever, with the rising costs of putting together and executing mail and other “hard copy” campaigns, you need to construct a well-planned and focused strategy based upon the advantages you are offering to the right marketplace you are trying to sell to.

Color copying plays an even more important role in hard copy advertising campaigns than it did in the past.

The most effective marketing pieces keep a prospect’s attention with the words that are used AND the design of the piece itself.
If you are shopping around for the best printer to assist you with your campaign, then take time to inspect the direct mail pieces, flyers and brochures of previous campaigns that the printer worked on. Print It Plus will prove to you that they will offer the quality you need to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.
In addition, you need to take advantage of the ability to target your campaigns toward virtually anyone you want, while excluding almost anyone you don’t want. A printer experienced with direct mail, brochures and flyers will help you to construct your mailing list that reflects your most profitable customers so that you waste as little money as possible on “non-prospects”.

Successful Campaigns

A key part of putting together and executing a successful advertising campaign involves working with the right printing company. The printing company you choose should be able to advise you every step of the way of your campaign, from beginning to end. In addition, that company should also be using the most effective print technology available (currently that is VDP, or Variable Data Printing) combined with the experience and knowledge on how to most effectively and least expensively target the market(s) you are trying to reach.
The steps of your campaign include:

    • the initial planning phase, during which time you make several crucial decisions including the design of the marketing/advertising piece and selecting your target market(s).
    • the execution phase
    • the follow up phase
    • the evaluation phase

The quality of the color copy advertisement you use plays a significant role in the success of your campaign. At Print It Plus, for example, we use a high end printer from Xerox, the Docucolor 8080 Digital Press. This type of printer only accepts digital files to copy from (meaning there is no glass to put a sheet of paper .) This form of copying makes the highest resolution copy for the professional look needed to execute a successful campaign.

Marketing Today

Even today, color copying can play a integral role in the success of your hard copy marketing and advertising campaigns. At Print It Plus we are able to produce a large variety of color copies on a wide variety of paper and other printing surfaces. We are experts at assisting you to find the best printing surface for all of your color copying or any other printing need that you have.
Go to our website to learn about the many high quality products and services we offer in printing, promotional products, marketing, advertising and websites. HTTP://WWW.PRINTITPLUS.COM

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