Presentation Boards for Trial – Coming Back into Vogue?

The continued evolution of technology has led to significant change in practically every area of our lives. In legal trials, electronic presentation tools have changed the way lawyers present evidence to juries at trial. In fact most visual evidence is now presented in the courtroom using one or more of these electronic tools.

Although it is true that these technologies have become the predominant medium used to present visual evidence, printed foam core presentation trial boards have not totally gone extinct. In fact, they are still very useful, and in a substantial number of trial situations can be the most effective tool for communicating information to the jury effectively and decisively.

As legal consultant Ken Lopez pointed out in an article on The Litigation Consulting Report blog, “Electronic presentation tools such as PowerPoint and Trial Director have changed the way in which lawyers and trial consultants present evidence to juries. These programs and others like them are so flexible and helpful in presenting numerical data, timelines, biological processes, the workings of machinery, and other information that in many ways they have displaced the old-fashioned methods such as printing words and graphics on foam core trial boards.”

But, as Mr. Lopez continues, he sees Presentation Boards making a comeback, and always having a place in the arsenal of the most effective lawyers. He points to several important reasons:
– As a medium for the communication of information, clear, concise presentation boards are still excellent vehicles for conveying important points.
– Juries these days are not used to seeing presentation boards. So when they do see one, they are more likely to pay closer attention to this special visual tool that has been created specifically for them. An experienced lawyer knows how to use this to his advantage.

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At Print It Plus we are able to create presentation boards for legal trials as well as all other legal, medical and business presentations. For lawyers we also can create note cards, information cards and pamphlets to help you communicate any message you are trying to advertise to professional colleagues or potential clients.
An important difference in Print It Plus, is we have medical illustrators, all of whom have earned their master’s degrees from one of only four accredited Medical Illustration programs in all of North America who create Court approved “drawings/illustrations” for attorneys and doctors to use in Florida courts. These same professionals can create video and/or standard stock images of certain medical procedures.
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