Print It Plus – So Much More than your Normal Printing Company


Daniel Alvarado of Tillett, Alvarado & Associates

When the average consumer thinks of a local printing company, they think of a shop where they can get their printed materials created or recreated on a variety of different paper or other disposable medium. You do not think of shop where you can get 4’ by 6’ acrylic signs made for your lobby. Those types of signs are usually made at a sign shop.
Yet it is Print It Plus from right here in Royal Palm Beach who remade the striking sign hanging in the lobby of the accounting firm of Tillett, Alvarado & Associates. We also redid the lettering on the front door. A “local” printing company that has the know-how and materials to make and remake banner-sized acrylic signs, redo front door lettering and so much more? Yes! We can. This is where the meaning of our slogan “CREATING INFINITE POSSIBILITIES” comes from, because we offer so much more than your average print shop.
And because of our capabilities and knowledge, we are able to salvage and redo this refinished acrylic-based sign in less than 2 days at about half of the cost of a new one. Many print shops cannot handle the wide variety of products and services that we produce here at Print It Plus.
In this instance Tillett, Alvarado & Associates had an existing 4’ by 6’ acrylic wall hanging graphic sign with outdated information on it. An average sign company would say that it was easier and quicker to make a new sign. In fact, a local sign company offered a bid to the accountants with a new sign. Their quote to do the job came in at almost double ours.
At Print It Plus we were able to salvage the existing brown acrylic material of the original sign. We removed the old lettering safely and then attached gold-metallic lettering as you see it here in these pictures.

Indoor Decorative Signage

We removed the original sign from its mounting on the Accountant’s lobby wall and brought it back to our 4,500 square foot facility. We removed the old lettering and then put on the new gold-foil lettering. We then brought the finished sign back to the firm and remounted it – all in less than 2 days.

Door Signage

In addition, we uninstalled the lettering on the door and replaced it with the updated company information.
We charged $600 for the entire job – a job that the sign company that bid on the job quoted at more than $1,100.00. How did we do it? A combination of our wide variety of capabilities combined with the proven systems that we have in place:
As Print It Plus co-owner David Leland stated, “Our process is that we go and assess what the client needs. We ask the questions… we engage with our clients to extract the best information to put in or on whatever marketing and/or advertising materials that we produce to help them put their best foot forward.”
“Tillett, Alvarado and Associates have become a great client of ours. Within the same week we also did a professional-looking design and printing for a mailer to a list of 500 clients that a competitor of theirs just released. We look forward to finding out how many decide to jump on board with Tillett as a result to their reaching out in a timely manner.”
At Print It Plus we have been providing products and services to like the rehabilitation of this sign for 27 years. We also offer printing, mailing, direct mail campaigns, marketing collateral, variable data printing, promotional products, websites and now secure web forms, just to name a few. It is our pleasure to service the entire Palm Beach County area in addition to our home office area of Royal Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, Florida.
Contact us today by calling us at (561) 790-0884, visiting our website at HTTP://WWW.PRINTITPLUS.COM or by emailing us at We look forward to helping you CREATE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.

Or for more information on Tillett, Alvarado and Associates, visit their website at

To lean more, go to or call us at (561) 790-0884. Print It Plus, where CREATING INFINITE POSSIBILITIES includes taking care of all of your soft signage printing and installation needs.


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