Print It Plus tips: a banner can get your message across to a huge amount of people


You have many options available on which to spend your company’s marketing and advertising dollars. One of the keys is to establish a consistent brand and message that captures the attention of as many potential customers as possible. An integral part of your brand messaging, whether in and around your office/store or at an outside venue such as a trade show, should be well-designed banners and posters.

The picture above is a perfect example of the potential power of a large-scale banner. We certainly understand that Wellington Regional Medical Center has an advantage of owning a building on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in all of Palm Beach County (the corner of Forest Hill Blvd. and 441). So their banner shown here is seen by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis.

But in many cases you also can create a banner that is seen by many of your current and prospective clients – whether it is on a wall at the front of your office, the building where your office is located or at a convention or trade show. The fact is that a banner allows you to convey a strong, consistent, indelible idea to potentially many people. And it is much more permanent than a commercial of any type, even those in a magazine.


Your place of business offers all kinds of areas on walls, doors, windows and sometimes even sidewalks or common areas on the side of the road for you to put out a banner or poster to expose your business to potential new customers. And custom banners and posters that capture the interest of attendees at trade shows and other outside events can help to draw traffic and interest to your booth, and to your company.   Our award-winning design team will help you develop a distinctive color scheme, style, and overall look for all of your printed materials including your posters, banners, and signs that your customers will quickly identify with your company, while catching the eye of potential customers as well.

Banners and posters are great ways to:

  • Feature upcoming events for the holidays, charities, or other special events
  • Highlight your products and services
  • Promote a sale or special you are running

If you have not incorporated banners and posters into the marketing of your business, then you are missing out on opportunities to grow your brand and your business. And now as the holiday season grows near is a great time to work with our professionals at Print It Plus to create a banner or poster highlighting your seasonal specials. At Print It Plus we can help you with all of your promotional ideas now, and throughout the whole year.

In addition to our custom design on posters, banners, signs and all printed materials we also offer mailing, direct mail campaigns, marketing collateral, variable data printing, promotional products, websites and now secure web form services for medical offices.  It is our pleasure to service the entire Palm Beach County, Florida area and beyond including Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Loxahatchee, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter and Boca Raton with free pick-up and delivery throughout the county.

To talk with our account team, one of our designers or to place an order, contact us today by calling us at (561) 790-0884. You can also visit our website at HTTP://WWW.PRINTITPLUS.COM or email us at We look forward to helping you CREATE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES this holiday season and throughout the coming 2017!



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