Planning an Integrated Marketing Campaign in 2014 in Palm Beach with Print It Plus

We’re all connected to the businesses around us in a variety of ways: social media posts, direct mail flyers, advertisements in favorite magazines, commercials on television, and even ads pasted on the sides of buses. Many businesses, wanting to reach as wide an audience as possible, will advertise using a variety of channels. An integrated marketing campaign involves creating a clear, uniform message that will resonate across all of those channels, increasing name-recognition and driving sales. If that sounds like something your company is looking to do, here are some ways to start developing a plan.


Refining the brand message


Integrated marketing campaigns focus around building brand recognition. Take, for example, Apple. When someone views the Apple logo, they don’t mistake it for an actual drawing of the fruit. They see the company associated with it and the crisp and clean nature of the technology it creates. The same goes for the Nike swoosh and the slogan “Just Do It.” The logo actually inspires people to go out for a run. These brands have been immensely successful in determining their company message and sending it out uniformly across all channels.


It can seem overwhelming for a small business to compete with that level of success, but the key is to start simple. Determine what centralized message customers should draw from a commercial or ad. Summarize the top selling qualities of the business in just a few words.


Taking the message to the street


Remember that no one company can be everything to everyone. Instead, identify a central message and develop a targeted campaign that can be used across different advertising platforms. If a potential customer hears about your company on Facebook, they should come away with the same impression as someone who first heard your name on the radio. This will help them make the connection between the advertisements. Then, when they see a second ad on a bus while driving to work, they’ll think, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of those guys!” If the different ads had completely different messages, the odds of that prospect making the connection would be much smaller. For smaller and newer companies, this can be deadly.


Bring everything back


As you develop your message and the ads you want to use, remember to bring everything back to your website. For most companies, their website is a central point for attracting and engaging customers. This means that all advertising should work at steering people toward that site. Your website should provide contact information, more information about your products and services, and additional incentives to get prospects to buy from you.


Customers like things easy, though. Make sure your online ads provide a clear link that’s easy, appealing, and straightforward. If customers have to look for it, chances are they won’t. This part can be a bit more challenging with paper advertising, since few people are going to remember a long web address. To help these customers, consider adding a QR code or a simplified URL. Also try to keep the website address as catchy and easy to remember as possible.


Creating an integrated marketing campaign can be a fantastic business move. In the modern world, there are countless platforms for advertising and communicating with potential clients. A well-orchestrated campaign will not only reach a large audience, but it will also help increase brand recognition and drive people back to your website. The new year offers a perfect opportunity to get started with a bang by putting these marketing strategies to work for you.

At Print it Plus we love to help you convert your ideas into a cohesive, integrated marketing plan.  We help to build the brand of your company through a variety of print, mail, direct mail, advertising, marketing campaigns and/or superior website design.  Contact us at HTTP://WWW.PRINTITPLUS.COM to learn more about how we can help YOU in 2014… and beyond!Image

Print It Plus in Palm Beach Now Offering the Latest UV Coating System from Tec Lighting

Royal Palm Beach, FL – Print It Plus continues to upgrade its print production line of equipment to better serve its print clients in Palm Beach County, Florida by adding a state-of-the-art UV coating machine from Tech Lighting to its production floor.  This “TruCoat” UV Coating System machine applies a high gloss or a satin finish on digital printing in a way that older model UV coating machines could not. This new coating machine also speeds up production while maintaining the high quality and accuracy that clients have come to expect from Print It Plus.

Tec Lighting’s brochure for the TruCoat UV Coating System states “The Tec Lighting TruCoat was designed with your needs and desires as a main priority.  The TruCoat UV Coater gives the ability to Gloss and Satin coat almost any digital or offset printed sheet with ease. Print It Plus has upgraded this with an optional textured finish.  This system is also more efficient and environmentally-friendly than past models because it has virtually no waste – it is able to use up all the chemicals during the coating process.”

When you are looking for a printing company in Palm Beach County to execute all of your printing project needs including direct mail, EDDM, brochures, flyers, offset printing, Giclee printing or any other commercial print job, you want a printer who will get your job done fast, to your specifications, at a competitive price.  With the added ability to coat your digital printing, in addition to the flexibility to have your printing given a Gloss or Satin coat in either a smooth or textured finish quickly and with ease, Print It Plus again demonstrates why it should continue to be your first choice for almost any print job, website design, advertising or marketing program design you need.

“The high energy and resource efficiency of the Tec Lighting TruCoat make it the most environmentally friendly coater in its class.  The increases in capability and productivity are a great synergy for both the printer and their clients.”

The new Tec Lighting TruCoat UV Coating System is just one more of the many great reasons that Print It Plus should be YOUR choice for all of your print jobs in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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6 Steps to a Winning Referral Strategy in Palm Beach, Florida


Referrals are one of the best ways for growing a small business anywhere.  That certainly holds true for small businesses here in Palm Beach and Wellington, as well.  Yet most companies have no formal process in place to make sure this great source for quality leads continues.

Waiting for leads to fall in your lap is not a systematic referral-generation strategy! Some people feel guilty about asking for referrals because they falsely believe they are simply asking for favors. The truth is, if you believe that the products and services you provide deliver real value to people and will benefit those who use them, you’re the one who’s doing the favor in asking for referrals… not the other way around. Achieving that mentality is the first step toward building a solid foundation for your lead-generating referral system.

For example, at Print-It Plus we actively seek out referrals because we know that we give our clients – both new and old – the value, service and finished products that you crave in a printing, marketing and advertising company.  Whether it is digital printing, offset printing, full color printing, business stationery and cards, forms, brochures, logos, promotional products, direct mail, website design and maintenance, email marketing or other marketing solutions, Print-It Plus takes care of all of its referrals the right way.

Here are six steps to turn up your referral-generation machine:

1. Define your most ideal referral. Your chances of finding referrals increases if you know who you’re looking for. The tighter you can articulate the demographic characteristics of your most ideal referral, the better. What are their business needs? What problems do they have that you can solve?

2. Team up with matching referral partners. After defining your ideal referral, identify who would be ideal referral partners for you. Who’s already doing business and in contact with people that fit your most ideal referral profile? Find ways to provide value for them and make it easy for them to refer you.

3. Build a database. Create a contact list of potential referral sources and contacts. This can help you focus your referral-generating campaigns on people who can help you the most. Great communication starts with a focused list of ideal referral partners.

4. Create an incentive. Most people want to help others. You can encourage them to do what they already want to do by giving them an incentive to refer you. Incentives can be something tangible like gift cards, discounts, commissions, and other perks. A simple thank you card and other positive reinforcement goes a long way to building the goodwill generated from helping others.

5. Have a referral script. It’s comforting to know what you’re going to say ahead of time in asking for a referral. Your script should be adapted for face-to-face networking, email communication, phone conversations, and mailed letters. Practice until it becomes natural and not forced.

6. Set goals. An effective system includes a way to measure it. Setting referral goals and tracking results weekly is a great way to build and sustain continual momentum. Tracking your referrals also allows you to see how many referrals it takes to get one new client. 

No system works without action. Start your referral-generating system by implementing and tracking the results. Ask your current network for referrals. This will give you something to build on. As you practice and gain confidence, refine your tactics and branch out to get referrals from other sources. It’s easier than you think.

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