Print It Plus in Palm Beach Now Offering the Latest UV Coating System from Tec Lighting

Royal Palm Beach, FL – Print It Plus continues to upgrade its print production line of equipment to better serve its print clients in Palm Beach County, Florida by adding a state-of-the-art UV coating machine from Tech Lighting to its production floor.  This “TruCoat” UV Coating System machine applies a high gloss or a satin finish on digital printing in a way that older model UV coating machines could not. This new coating machine also speeds up production while maintaining the high quality and accuracy that clients have come to expect from Print It Plus.

Tec Lighting’s brochure for the TruCoat UV Coating System states “The Tec Lighting TruCoat was designed with your needs and desires as a main priority.  The TruCoat UV Coater gives the ability to Gloss and Satin coat almost any digital or offset printed sheet with ease. Print It Plus has upgraded this with an optional textured finish.  This system is also more efficient and environmentally-friendly than past models because it has virtually no waste – it is able to use up all the chemicals during the coating process.”

When you are looking for a printing company in Palm Beach County to execute all of your printing project needs including direct mail, EDDM, brochures, flyers, offset printing, Giclee printing or any other commercial print job, you want a printer who will get your job done fast, to your specifications, at a competitive price.  With the added ability to coat your digital printing, in addition to the flexibility to have your printing given a Gloss or Satin coat in either a smooth or textured finish quickly and with ease, Print It Plus again demonstrates why it should continue to be your first choice for almost any print job, website design, advertising or marketing program design you need.

“The high energy and resource efficiency of the Tec Lighting TruCoat make it the most environmentally friendly coater in its class.  The increases in capability and productivity are a great synergy for both the printer and their clients.”

The new Tec Lighting TruCoat UV Coating System is just one more of the many great reasons that Print It Plus should be YOUR choice for all of your print jobs in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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