5 Elements of Stunning Letterhead Design

Personalized mail is a special commodity these days, especially something that looks smart or sophisticated.

And everyone agrees that there’s a huge difference between a typed letter on a bland white page and one aligned smartly on a beautifully designed letterhead.

While many view letterhead as an afterthought, it’s time to raise the standard!

A sharp letterhead can communicate proficiency, increase response rates, and make your communication more memorable. As you craft a unique, professional look, here are some elements to help you cement your image without overplaying your hand:

1. Embrace Simplicity

One of the guiding principles of letterhead design is to make it flow simply.

While it’s important that your letterhead looks and feels great in the hand, it should still play second fiddle to the communication itself. If designs are too bold, you run the risk of competing with the page content to demand reader attention. When in doubt, simple is best.

2. Represent Your Brand

Letterheads present companies with a great opportunity to represent a brand with sharp fonts, crisp logos, and subtle borders or shading.

Look for ways to draw the designs of your website, envelopes, and letterhead into a more cohesive unit and add some extra depth to your marketing mix. When trying out size contrasts, try to balance the shape of your images with the offset to create a connected design.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of White Space

Like silence between musical notes, a break between elements communicates elegance and ensures a quality user experience.

White space is not “wasted” space, instead, it balances elements, organizes content, and creates spatial proximity so your readers can digest information quickly and simply. Use generous amounts of white space between a large heading and a block of subtext. Or experiment all text flush left or flush right to create more white space between margins.

4. Use Colors Wisely

On printed letterhead, nothing communicates like color.

Use color strategically to draw attention to specific areas of your letterhead, or to add subtle shading to a more grayscale design. If your brand features bright and bold colors, it may be best to use color sparingly in the letterhead but more prominently in your envelope design or packaging. Color can make or break the success of your design, so tread lightly.

5. Don’t Overlook Details

The most critical information to communicate in letterhead is your contact info.

Who is writing the letter, a company or an individual? Decide which pieces of information are critical and build your design around this hierarchy. Keep key information obvious and reduce print size for lower priority info. If you are updating designs or re-ordering, take a fresh look at your materials. If the company you are sending to no longer utilizes a fax machine, perhaps it is best to omit this number. If your organization is larger, consider tailoring several letterhead designs to specific departments.

Letterheads remain an integral part of a brand’s marketing mix. Inject new energy into your designs with thoughtful layouts, creative contrasts, or complementary envelopes that keep your messages stand out in a crowd!

We can help you with bright and stunning letterhead design, printing envelopes, business cards and other marketing products.

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Part II: How a personal injury attorney can increase their business using brand consistency

As we discussed in the 1st part of this 2-part blog, building your brand, marketing it continually and consistently controlling the message, can often be a key to the long-term growth of your law firm, or any other business. The American Bar Association published an article highlighting the key branding plays in building the marketing message for law firms in a recent edition of its online Newsletter. http://www.americanbar.org/publications/law_practice_magazine/2013/november-december/marketing.html

In this 2nd part of the blog we offer a list of relatively cheap marketing tools to expose your brand consistently and effectively as possible with a limited budget, once you have created a logo that effectively reflects your firm’s message and image.

Website: In this day and edge, your website is a lynch pin of any/all marketing efforts. A good, clean website that successfully conveys your law firms’ message, areas of practice and credentials and experience of you, your partners and other attorneys may not get you a job – but it can get you in the door. Furthermore, a bad website or no website at all ABSOLUTELY WILL LOSE your law firm future clients. According to a 2011 study conducted by a UK marketing firm and quoted in a recent article on iLawyer Marketing,  “70% of web users would not buy from a business with a bad website design.”   http://www.ilawyermarketing.com/the-importance-of-having-a-great-design-for-increasing-leads-from-your-website/

And that was 5 years ago, so guaranteed the percentage is even larger now.

Printing Packages

Stationery / Letterhead: Every time you correspond with anyone via a hard copy letter – clients, potential clients, other lawyers, judges, vendors or anyone else – your letterhead and/or stationery is sending a message. So consider spending the extra money to procure the best stationery. If it is appropriate, have it made with embossing, raised lettering and/or foil stamping. People are tactile, and feeling the raised lettering through their fingertips makes an impact. It conveys that your law firm is of a high quality.

Business Cards: as with the stationery, your business cards should also stand out. Consider several different options, depending upon the image you a trying to portray. If you are a newer firm or trying to attract a younger or more hip crowd, then you can consider an odd-shaped or sized card. Otherwise, convey your message with a thicker stock, rounded edges, and raised lettering and/or foil stamping. The extra up-front cost will more than pay off in the more professional image you will portray.

Thank you cards/Birthday cards/Holiday cards: Thank you cards, birthday cards and holiday cards offer you and your firm opportunities to stay in front of clients multiple times during the year. Used effectively and with a little patience, they will give you the chance to get business you would not otherwise have a chance at. People like to be remembered and have the events of their lives celebrated. Just look at the success of social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snap Chat to understand what we mean. Make it a high quality card and notice how the phone rings at least once in a while with a referral.

Promotional Products: The key with promotional products is to identify the ones that are most effective for your firm. Over and over again we have found that if we have a useful conversation with you and your firm on this topic we can identify promotional items that will most effectively convey your brand AND keep you top of mind with your clients, potential clients and referral partners.

How do you implement the ideas in this list most effectively for your law firm? Work with a marketing and advertising partner who has the knowledge, experience and breadth of services to help you construct and implement a plan for your firm to get the most out of your limited marketing budget.

At Print It Plus we have worked with dozens of local law firms to successfully create and grow their brand. We can do the same for you, your attorneys and your entire law firm. We offer all of the aforementioned products and services. In addition, we also offer printing, mailing, direct mail campaigns, marketing collateral, variable data printing, promotional products, website design and now secure web form services for medical offices.  It is our pleasure to service the entire Palm Beach County, Florida area and beyond including Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Loxahatchee, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter and Boca Raton.

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Personal injury attorneys increase their business by marketing their brand consistently and effectively

Blue luxury branding design kit for hotel. Premium corporate ide

Blue luxury branding design kit for hotel. Premium corporate identity template. Business stationery mock-up and documentation with logo. Editable vector illustration: folder, envelope, cup, card, etc.

As a recent ruling by the Florida Bar against a south Florida lawyer shows, directly soliciting potential personal injury case victims to become clients will continue to be penalized here in the state of Florida.¹ This case is another reminder that in Florida (and most other states) personal injury attorneys must find other ways to capture potential business. But how do you get your name and the name of your law firm in front of someone in a timely manner once an accident and potential case occurs here in the West Palm Beach area?

You have to be “top of mind” within days, or even hours of the occurrence of the event. Word of mouth recommendations are of course very effective, but you rarely know when they will occur. Billboards and television ads have varying degrees of success, but are costly and also offer no guarantee.

The most cost effective and potentially consistent form of advertising for personal injury attorneys is the consistency of building your brand. None other than the American Bar Association itself stated as such in a recent article:

“…branding is not optional. Every law firm, practice group and individual lawyer has a brand. The question is whether the market dictates it or you control it yourself. Ideally, you want to control the message to the best of your ability. But it takes planning, strategy, implementation and ongoing monitoring to be truly effective.” http://www.americanbar.org/publications/law_practice_magazine/2013/november-december/marketing.html

Here is a primer on EXACTLY how you should do it. You may have done some or even most of these – but fill in the holes of what you are missing and see over time the positive effect it will have on your business.

Again, the real key to building your name recognition and referral network is: CONSISTENCY

Start: your Logo. If you do not have one, you need to create one. If you do have one, have a few people critique it. Does it convey the image you are trying to portray? If the answer is yes, then build or continue to build your image around it. If no, then get a new one. Do NOT be married to a logo that is not helping to bring business to your firm. Even if you are the one who created it. And do get professional help, like the award-winning Graphic Design work we offer you at Print It Plus. This is about growing your business, a.k.a bringing cases and money in your door. This is key to your firm’s future, so treat it as such.

In the 2nd part of this blog we will list all of the different ways you want to consider using to expose your brand to as many potential clients and referral partners as possible – in a way that builds value in your firm and does not cheapen it. Stationery, letterhead, business cards, thank you cards, holiday cards, promotional products, social media, other media marketing and of course your website done correctly and with the understanding that consistency can be the difference between long term growth and slow to no growth of your law firm.

At Print It Plus we can help you with all of your branding, marketing, commercial printing and advertising needs to help you convey the most powerful message consistently to help you grow your legal business, or any other business.

We also offer printing, mailing, direct mail campaigns, marketing collateral, variable data printing, promotional products, other business marketing and now secure web form services for offices.  It is our pleasure to service the entire Palm Beach County, Florida area and beyond including Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Loxahatchee, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter and Boca Raton.

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Are You using a Foot-In-The-Door Strategy to Grow Your Business in West Palm Beach?

There’s an extremely powerful strategy to grow your business called the foot-in-the-door (FITD) strategy. FITD plays on psychology to get to the sale. This strategy works well here in West Palm Beach and most every place else because it gets past the prospect’s natural resistance to being sold.


The process starts with getting a person to agree to a small request that doesn’t take them outside their comfort zone. From there, you build up to larger requests and bigger yeses.


Savvy business owners, marketers, and salespeople have used FITD in one form or another for years, whether they have knowingly defined it that way or not. Some may refer to this strategy as a “loss leader.” The difference is that a loss leader typically involves selling something, often at a very low price or below cost. Retail businesses have used loss leaders successfully for many years. FITD works best when the first offer is for something free.



If you’ve ever been to the mall food court around lunch or dinnertime, you’ll often see savvy restaurant owners assign an employee to offer a small sample tasting of some of the food items on their menu. When passersby accept the sample and taste it, they’ve taken the first tiny step toward a possible yes.


One interesting side note with this example: Notice that the employees handing out the samples aren’t going all around the mall or outside in the parking lot at various hours of the day. They pass out the samples to people walking through the food court at lunch or dinnertime. The marketing takeaway: offer your services to people who are most likely to need what you sell when they need it the most.


FITD has been used for many years by door-to-door salespeople in many industries, from the person offering to clean a dirty spot on the carpet to the days of the encyclopedia salesperson (remember those?) who would offer a free three book starter set.


Perhaps the most notorious example is from the timeshare industry. In exchange for 90 minutes of your time, the FITD offer is a free resort stay or perhaps Disney World tickets. Does it work? Billions of dollars in timeshares sold would seem to indicate a big yes. These techniques are meant to persuade and work extremely well. The danger comes from unscrupulous sellers who abuse the power.


FITD has been used in the pharmaceutical industry with enormous success. Pharmaceutical sales representatives leave samples of the drugs their companies sell with the appropriate doctors. The physicians in turn give their patients a free sample along with a prescription that will lead them to become a customer of the pharmaceutical industry.



Your best FITD strategy should probably be not to “sell” anything at all. Only 2% of prospects are ready to buy at any time and less than 1% will typically buy anything on the first contact. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and ask yourself: What would I need (if I were a customer) to choose this company over the competition? What service or product can you use to let prospects ‘test’ you out that will put your best foot forward and help you make the best first impression?

The FITD strategy is an extremely powerful technique. If you’re not currently using it or have used it in the past and forgotten about it, it’s time to visit it again. Put together a plan to utilize FITD in your favor.


Selling successfully for the long term requires building trust with your prospects and even existing customers. The FITD strategy allows you to begin building that trust. But be careful. If it’s done incorrectly or not done at all, then you may experience the door-in-the-face result which is what you want to avoid.


At Print-It Plus we continue to offer a variety of printing services, advertising and marketing plans to our clients.  Our printing services include color printing, Giclee printing, offset printing, brochures and direct mail.  We also offer website design and cohesive marketing plans that often incorporate Foot-In-The-Door strategies to help build your business for both short and long term success.


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The New Age of sales in West Palm Beach – Educate your prospect

Here in West Palm Beach as well as everywhere else, your target audience is being bombarded by sales and marketing messages all the time. Some studies report that the average person is exposed to more than 3,500 advertising messages every single day! We are constantly developing strategies, both consciously and subconsciously, to filter out the hype and obnoxious noise of most of these messages so that we can get our work done and get through our own day with a measure of sanity.

This constant barrage of marketing and sales pitches has caused salespeople to have to change, too. Traditional sales methods, like door-to-door sales, that once worked well have been losing traction and are not effective anymore. But you still need to sell — and you need to get your message across to your potential customers. How can you do that without alienating them at the same time?

The best way to do that in this day and age is to educate and help your prospects instead of simply selling them. Educating your audience with relevant and useful information that will help them make a more informed buying decision allows you to establish yourself and your company as an expert who provides value before ever asking for a sale.

Establishing trust in this manner brings respect. Trust and respect open the way for your prospects to listen. Listening gives you access to valuable time your prospects reserve for those they believe will not waste it with hype and useless pitches.

To decide what kind of information your prospects find useful, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Developing a buyer persona on your most ideal prospects lets you get insight into the information, ideas, and advice that could make a positive difference in their lives and actually help in their decision-making process. 

Helping our prospects and current clients to make the best decisions on how to best utilize their marketing dollars is what we do best here at Print-It Plus.  Our 25 years in the print and marketing business here in Palm Beach County in both up and down economies gives us the knowledge and expertise you need to help you make the right decisions for how best to spend your money, and get the most Return On Investment for each dollar. 

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