Why Developing Good Leaders is Critical to Your Business’ Success


Regardless of the type of business you’re running or even the industry that you find yourself operating in, everyone knows that quality leadership is essential. It’s equally essential for you to realize that leadership doesn’t begin and end with whoever’s name is on the door. Experience goes a long way, but the type of raw, natural talent necessary to become a good leader isn’t something that can necessarily be taught. It’s something you’re born with.

That’s why when you do recognize that you’ve got the makings of an excellent leader working with you, it is imperative that you do whatever it takes to help cultivate and develop that talent whenever possible.

Identifying Good Leaders

First thing’s first: not everyone working for your company has the makings of a good leader, regardless of how you currently feel about them. According to one recent study, only about one out of every ten people have the talent necessary to rise to this status. That means that spotting a candidate isn’t something that is just going to happen every day.

When you do see someone with the qualities of an excellent leader, you’ll know it. They’re usually the first people to arrive and the last to leave. They’re the people who keep a consistently cool head under pressure and who naturally seem to help elevate the rest of their teams to the level where everyone involved is doing their best work. They work incredibly hard for seemingly no reward at all because they just don’t know any other way to go about their day.

When you see someone who fits that description, make a note of it. They’re probably going to be running your business one day.

The Development Process

Once you have identified one of these fabled “good leaders,” the first thing you have to do is support them in any and all ways that you can. Never be shy about feedback, even when it’s critical in nature. The chances are high that they’re the type of person who welcomes constructive criticism anyway. Don’t just tell them what they’re doing correctly; make sure they know what they can do to improve and, more importantly, how they can do it.

Next, challenge them whenever possible. Don’t throw your growing leaders into the proverbial deep end of the pool to fend for themselves, but don’t allow them to simply spin their wheels either. Challenge and adversity are two important qualities that make all of us stronger. Little by little, this person will start to grow and evolve in front of your eyes and your business will become all the better for it.

Looking Towards the Horizon

Finally, remember that good leaders are an investment in the future of your company. Good leaders don’t just help in terms of collaboration and more substantial productivity.  They’re also innovation creation engines at the same time. By taking the time to develop the good leaders in your midsts today, you’re going a long way towards guaranteeing future success for your business.

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Part II: How a personal injury attorney can increase their business using brand consistency

As we discussed in the 1st part of this 2-part blog, building your brand, marketing it continually and consistently controlling the message, can often be a key to the long-term growth of your law firm, or any other business. The American Bar Association published an article highlighting the key branding plays in building the marketing message for law firms in a recent edition of its online Newsletter. http://www.americanbar.org/publications/law_practice_magazine/2013/november-december/marketing.html

In this 2nd part of the blog we offer a list of relatively cheap marketing tools to expose your brand consistently and effectively as possible with a limited budget, once you have created a logo that effectively reflects your firm’s message and image.

Website: In this day and edge, your website is a lynch pin of any/all marketing efforts. A good, clean website that successfully conveys your law firms’ message, areas of practice and credentials and experience of you, your partners and other attorneys may not get you a job – but it can get you in the door. Furthermore, a bad website or no website at all ABSOLUTELY WILL LOSE your law firm future clients. According to a 2011 study conducted by a UK marketing firm and quoted in a recent article on iLawyer Marketing,  “70% of web users would not buy from a business with a bad website design.”   http://www.ilawyermarketing.com/the-importance-of-having-a-great-design-for-increasing-leads-from-your-website/

And that was 5 years ago, so guaranteed the percentage is even larger now.

Printing Packages

Stationery / Letterhead: Every time you correspond with anyone via a hard copy letter – clients, potential clients, other lawyers, judges, vendors or anyone else – your letterhead and/or stationery is sending a message. So consider spending the extra money to procure the best stationery. If it is appropriate, have it made with embossing, raised lettering and/or foil stamping. People are tactile, and feeling the raised lettering through their fingertips makes an impact. It conveys that your law firm is of a high quality.

Business Cards: as with the stationery, your business cards should also stand out. Consider several different options, depending upon the image you a trying to portray. If you are a newer firm or trying to attract a younger or more hip crowd, then you can consider an odd-shaped or sized card. Otherwise, convey your message with a thicker stock, rounded edges, and raised lettering and/or foil stamping. The extra up-front cost will more than pay off in the more professional image you will portray.

Thank you cards/Birthday cards/Holiday cards: Thank you cards, birthday cards and holiday cards offer you and your firm opportunities to stay in front of clients multiple times during the year. Used effectively and with a little patience, they will give you the chance to get business you would not otherwise have a chance at. People like to be remembered and have the events of their lives celebrated. Just look at the success of social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snap Chat to understand what we mean. Make it a high quality card and notice how the phone rings at least once in a while with a referral.

Promotional Products: The key with promotional products is to identify the ones that are most effective for your firm. Over and over again we have found that if we have a useful conversation with you and your firm on this topic we can identify promotional items that will most effectively convey your brand AND keep you top of mind with your clients, potential clients and referral partners.

How do you implement the ideas in this list most effectively for your law firm? Work with a marketing and advertising partner who has the knowledge, experience and breadth of services to help you construct and implement a plan for your firm to get the most out of your limited marketing budget.

At Print It Plus we have worked with dozens of local law firms to successfully create and grow their brand. We can do the same for you, your attorneys and your entire law firm. We offer all of the aforementioned products and services. In addition, we also offer printing, mailing, direct mail campaigns, marketing collateral, variable data printing, promotional products, website design and now secure web form services for medical offices.  It is our pleasure to service the entire Palm Beach County, Florida area and beyond including Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Loxahatchee, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter and Boca Raton.

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Personal injury attorneys increase their business by marketing their brand consistently and effectively

Blue luxury branding design kit for hotel. Premium corporate ide

Blue luxury branding design kit for hotel. Premium corporate identity template. Business stationery mock-up and documentation with logo. Editable vector illustration: folder, envelope, cup, card, etc.

As a recent ruling by the Florida Bar against a south Florida lawyer shows, directly soliciting potential personal injury case victims to become clients will continue to be penalized here in the state of Florida.¹ This case is another reminder that in Florida (and most other states) personal injury attorneys must find other ways to capture potential business. But how do you get your name and the name of your law firm in front of someone in a timely manner once an accident and potential case occurs here in the West Palm Beach area?

You have to be “top of mind” within days, or even hours of the occurrence of the event. Word of mouth recommendations are of course very effective, but you rarely know when they will occur. Billboards and television ads have varying degrees of success, but are costly and also offer no guarantee.

The most cost effective and potentially consistent form of advertising for personal injury attorneys is the consistency of building your brand. None other than the American Bar Association itself stated as such in a recent article:

“…branding is not optional. Every law firm, practice group and individual lawyer has a brand. The question is whether the market dictates it or you control it yourself. Ideally, you want to control the message to the best of your ability. But it takes planning, strategy, implementation and ongoing monitoring to be truly effective.” http://www.americanbar.org/publications/law_practice_magazine/2013/november-december/marketing.html

Here is a primer on EXACTLY how you should do it. You may have done some or even most of these – but fill in the holes of what you are missing and see over time the positive effect it will have on your business.

Again, the real key to building your name recognition and referral network is: CONSISTENCY

Start: your Logo. If you do not have one, you need to create one. If you do have one, have a few people critique it. Does it convey the image you are trying to portray? If the answer is yes, then build or continue to build your image around it. If no, then get a new one. Do NOT be married to a logo that is not helping to bring business to your firm. Even if you are the one who created it. And do get professional help, like the award-winning Graphic Design work we offer you at Print It Plus. This is about growing your business, a.k.a bringing cases and money in your door. This is key to your firm’s future, so treat it as such.

In the 2nd part of this blog we will list all of the different ways you want to consider using to expose your brand to as many potential clients and referral partners as possible – in a way that builds value in your firm and does not cheapen it. Stationery, letterhead, business cards, thank you cards, holiday cards, promotional products, social media, other media marketing and of course your website done correctly and with the understanding that consistency can be the difference between long term growth and slow to no growth of your law firm.

At Print It Plus we can help you with all of your branding, marketing, commercial printing and advertising needs to help you convey the most powerful message consistently to help you grow your legal business, or any other business.

We also offer printing, mailing, direct mail campaigns, marketing collateral, variable data printing, promotional products, other business marketing and now secure web form services for offices.  It is our pleasure to service the entire Palm Beach County, Florida area and beyond including Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Loxahatchee, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter and Boca Raton.

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Boost Your Marketing with Postcards in Palm Beach

You probably get at least a few postcards in your mail every day. Have you noticed that you always look at the front and usually flip them over, too? Postcards are incredibly hard to resist because there’s something compelling about that small, stiff card stock.

Postcards are experiencing a revival as business owners and marketers are rediscovering the powerful impact postcards can deliver. What’s so great about postcards? Postcards have several advantages over many other marketing channels.
• Postcards are less expensive to print.
• They don’t require envelopes or other inserts.
• Postcards provide an instant visual connection with the recipient.
• The limited space for copy and graphics forces you to get to the point quickly.
• Recipients don’t set them aside to read later, leading to instant reaction.
• Postage is often lower than with other forms of direct mail.
• Postcards are great for personalization (with variable data printing – VDP).
• Postcards work very well in driving website traffic.
• Postcards are fantastic to use in a series sent over time to educate, engage, and drive sales.
• Graphics and copy are easier to create.
• Postcards work well for both short-run and larger-volume orders.
• Postcards make great appointment reminders, thank you notes, and follow-up cards.

Think of postcards as mobile mini billboards. They get your message across and can travel at very economical rates.

Of course, postcards do have some limitations. They’re obviously not great for any type of promotion or campaign that needs lots of space for copy due to the size limitation. It’s also not easy to generate direct sales with a postcard campaign. However, postcards are fantastic for creating awareness and generating sales leads. In fact, it’s hard to beat postcards for economical lead generation campaigns.

Postcard Creativity
Postcards can be created in traditional sizes, as well larger sheet sizes. They can be die-cut with custom-size shapes in order to stand out and create attention. Postcards can be made from very thick card stocks, laminated, and even made from plastic stock. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Using Postcards
Direct mail is only one way to use this powerful marketing tool. You can also include postcards as part of a media or brand identity kit; as a promotional handout at trade shows and networking events; and as part of a sales letter insert.

Marketing Takeaway
The humble postcard is a powerful counter-measure to digital marketing. As more people are turned off by spam emails and other digital waste, they’re paying more attention to postcards. Postcards have a higher read-rate than many other marketing mediums because they are easier to digest quickly.

Postcards have a place in your marketing campaigns. If you use eye-catching, powerful design in addition to strong, to-the-point copy, combined with a call to action, there’s a great chance your target audience will respond the way you’d like when you use postcard marketing.

At Print-It Plus we continue to offer a variety of printing services, advertising and marketing plans to our clients, including postcards. We work with our clients to design a postcard with the best call-to-action so that you will get the most out of your postcard campaign. Our printing services include color printing, Giclee printing, offset printing, brochures and direct mail. We also offer website design and cohesive marketing plans that often incorporate Foot-In-The-Door strategies to help build your business for both short and long term success.

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